‪Time is not singular; time is multiple and nonlinear. Isn’t that what Einstein’s Relativity Theory was trying to say?‬

@ShaunBartone Relativity has interesting things to say about how time passes under different circumstances, but it’s still singular, and always subjectively linear. Someone else’s experience may not look linear to you, though.

As I read it (which isn't much at all), time is intrisically bound to space, ie they are both aspects of the same thing. A system exists, but we only ever measure it from a single point at a single time.

@mithriltabby @ShaunBartone
... Which prompts the better question: what is a 'single point' in this time/space system anyway? A whole universe I get, but not an arbitrarily-defined limit somewhere within that system.

. @mithriltabby @ShaunBartone
... And is quantum entanglement therefore *more* natural and understandable within a whole system than arbitrarily-limited single points of measurement/consciousness?

. @mithriltabby @ShaunBartone
Relativity says more about our own inability to exist in multiple places, than the universe's own joined-up properties.

Ooh, I just posted my last message before I read yours. Spooky.
What if time is expanding because there is increasingly more consciousness in the universe?
What if matter is just the inert element to turn the universal self into consciousness with weight?

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