Happy Buddha Day (Vesak) to everyone in the Dharma Realm. 🤗

@ShaunBartone I have a question about buddhism because i dont understand it nearly as much as taoism... how disputed is the noble eightfold path and its meaning? Is it inherently ascetic, because I myself can't see myself as an ascetic person, but I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from buddhism and maybe I just dont have enough of a grasp on it because its positively impacted me in a good way for the most part.

@mirzaba I think the 8-fold path is fairly straightforward. Right view is 3 marks of existence: impermanence/non-self/dukkha (e.g.struggle for survival); right intention is non-harming; right speech/action/livelihood is 5 ethical Precepts; right effort is the middle way; right mindfulness is 4 foundations of mindfulness (body, feeling, perception, dharma); right concentration is meditation with dharma instruction.

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