Buddhist Monastery w/Cosmic Energy Antenna? Show more

Vegans—Eat Figs! Show more

Julia Kent, Cellist Show more

k-punk: Mark Fisher-Acid Communism Show more

Facing the Other Way: 4AD Records Show more

Buddha recommends Sarah Kendzior’s ‘The View from Flyover Country’

Facebook Goes Down in fLames Show more

#ExtinctionRebellion Show more

Mandala of Sacred Activism Show more

This what I spent my time doing today—making wrist malas for my band. The cure for social media.

Rinpoche loves Hello Kitty blanket. Show more

Meet the latest Mastocat: iAmMoshow - aka DJ Ravioli, The Cat Rapper ™

This being Mastodon, the Dharma Realm is not just for straight up dharma practitioners; it's for dharma weirdos. That's why I'm the right guy for the job.

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