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Grønland--an exceptional ambient composition by Glåsbird, an anonymous modern classical artist (who is possibly from Iceland?). It's the soundtrack for an imagined documentary film exploring the natural beauty of Greenland.

Awakening is knowing that everything I experience is constructed, a product of my sensory perception and consciousness, and that Reality is contingent

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I've been having trouble with 'broken sleep', waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, Dr. Weill's technique doesn't work for me.

@craicem I use Insight Timer every day. Sometimes a recording will not load at the beginning, and you are supposed to wait patiently. I found it's best to back out and start over.

Dr. Weill’s Asleep in 60 seconds 4-7-8 yoga breathing technique.

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🐦 📣 HELLO! after me, Eugen Rochko is the realistically the next most significant account on Mastodon. and for better or worse, he's perhaps the one person that's never truly able to use the platform the way we can.

listen to me big-time Gargon by getting his handle wrong for like a full hour!





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