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Facebook Goes Down in fLames 

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I saw this on a comment thread on open source project interaction with community members (and vice versa). I’d say it nails it! #programming #foss #opensource

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Most of the day
We were at the machinery
In the dark sheds
That the seasons ignore
I held the levers that guided the signals to the radio
But the words I receive, random code, broken by fragments
From before

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Out in the trees
My reason deserting me
All the dark stars
Cluster over the bay
Then in a certain moment
I lose control and at last I am part of the machinery

(The belldog) Where are you?
And the light disappears
As the world makes its circles through the sky

‪Time is not singular; time is multiple and nonlinear. Isn’t that what Einstein’s Relativity Theory was trying to say?‬

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Ford CEO frankly admits that the car of the future is a surveillance device that you pay to spy on you

Meditate on THIS! 

Escaping Birdsite 


Mandala of Sacred Activism Updated 

Why Elected Dictatorships Are Taking Over the World 

Ch. 39 of the Tao Te Ching 

Mandala of Sacred Activism 

Taking a Birdbath 

Confederation defined by Symbiosis Research Collective 

Confederation defined by Symbiosis Research Collective 

One kid got dressed up as the Eiffel Tower. Genius!

Happy Halloween!! Got my Halloween soundtrack on. Trent Reznor’s soundtrack to Girl w/Dragon Tattoo. Kids coming to the door. Weather’s perfect. 🎃

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