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Yesterday I listened to "How ZEN TRAPS You" by Alan Watts and today it became clear to me what it means. The Ego just doesn't exist. There is no "I" that is responsible for what "I" do. What I am and what I do arises on its own without "me" being involved. To act in "suchness" means to act without the false notion of the Ego. And to hesitate is to act according to the false notion of the Ego.

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If just sitting means losing all desire, does zen necessarily imply giving up political persuasions?

Or rather, can I redefine my politics in terms of "mendicant anarchy"? Is that still politics, just at a different level or a different sort?

Is voting a form of desire?

How to be a successful guru: smile a lot...
How to be a successful politician: smile a lot...

Dad's Day 

Dad's Day 

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@ShaunBartone That's true too. And, as I read it, also perhaps the image of ourselves that others create for us, but that isn't us. Same but different?
This is where therapy and magic come in.

Expanding Mind on New Forms of Dharma 

Dharma Realm Notice 

Who's Suffering?#2 Full Exegesis 

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@voidspace Yes, I understand.
Some teachers are good but many are not so good, no matter what label they give themselves, may it be etc. The label does not mean something is good. It might just mean that they want to sell you something.


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Reading the Practice Group Manual from they always write "Compassionate Listening™"

Seriously? You make a trademark out of "compassionate listening" as if it would be a brand or something? This is so wrong. 🤷‍♂️ 🙁

Whose 3 Poisons? 

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An important thing I learned from Thich Nhat Hanh: community is way to magnify the awareness and healing energy. In a true people with (hopefully) the right aspirations come together creating a field of compassion and loving kindness which lifts everyone up.

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Here are my current daily vows:

Today I vow

- to have compassion with everyone I meet
- to listen with compassion to every word that is spoken
- to consider every person I meet as a part of myself
- not to create separation through thoughts of objectification
- to meditate on the One Mind and to consider that all is the One Mind and that I'm not separate from the One Mind


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Straight Pride commemorates the Battle of Drywall, the first time a straight man punched drywall because he was mad about something.

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So I'm pretty much back to normal. The "Kensho" experience didn't last as I thought it would at first. It was beautiful. This direct knowledge that I'm united to the One Mind and that there's nothing but the One Mind. I clearly realized that there's nothing to seek for and that there is no deficiency.
But it is not the same now. It's just a memory and not the direct understanding as before. I guess the path goes on then. 😄

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"Majority Can Be Wrong": A Conversation with Phillip Deere, Muskogee-Creek Elder

The great ocean within expands...haunting images memories sink into its depths...self/notself does not matter.

Ph.D. Neuroscientist: Are objects real? 

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