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Introduction: I’m a Zen practitioner from Silicon Valley. My primary Mastodon account is @mithriltabby and I talk about dice-and-paper roleplaying games at @mithriltabby.

My favorite Zen writers are Brad Warner (HARDCORE ZEN and more) and James Austin (ZEN AND THE BRAIN and more).

I have a terrible memory and am not one for learning lists by rote. The Eightfold Path and the Ten Essential Precepts made a lot more sense to me when I realized that there is but one rule— Be Mindful of Cause and Effect— and the lists were actually unit test suites.

The Full Moon Ceremony does not involve baring the buttocks of the Buddha.

The Full Moon Ceremony does not involve baring the buttocks of any of the sangha.

There is no such thing as a Half-Buddha, Dire Buddha, or Werebuddha.

If you meet the Buddha on the road, you are not supposed to kill him for his treasure and XP.

It is not the custom of monks to ride Mardi Gras floats, shouting “show me your Zen” and throwing prayer beads.

“I am he as you are he as you are me / And we are all together.” is not a quote from the “Walrus Sutra”.

I do not know how to extract the secret plans for a “dharma antenna” from the sūtras.

The Sanskrit sūtras do not contain hidden plans for a “dharma antenna”, based on principles taught by ancient astronauts.

This being Mastodon, the Dharma Realm is not just for straight up dharma practitioners; it's for dharma weirdos. That's why I'm the right guy for the job.

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