Today’s dharma-burger: a prepackaged single serving of cheddar popcorn, from @LesserEvilSnack. Bonus points for making it clear that they’re referencing the Laughing Buddha on the back, rather than Shakyamuni. Gets to “chuckle” on the facepalm-eyeroll-chuckle scale.

@mithriltabby feels like people have kind of abandoned this instance. :/

@craicem It was never particularly busy. I suspect cultivating nonattachment also helps people cut down on their social media time.

@mithriltabby i like what you post. I'm going to update more regularly.

@mithriltabby I love Buddha Bowl Popcorn. I've eaten a whole bag of it, but I don't let myself do that anymore or I would get fat. Love it even more that it's a rip on Pop Buddhism. There's not enough appreciation of Pop Buddhism. I think it's a great subculture on its own terms.

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