@reto Zen should make it more clear that moments of thusness are just moments, and no one should ever expect to dwell there full-time. Nirvana, likewise, just means โ€œblowing outโ€, and the fires of greed, anger, and delusion are like those ever-lighting trick candles. We experience these things only for moments, but we can take inspiration from those moments.

@reto Iโ€™m not sure you get the mindfulness without some zazen, and if you have the zazen, you need some framework for coping with the weird stuff that shows up like makyo and satori.

Focusing too much on enlightenment is detrimental to progress anyway. The โ€œcrossing to the other shoreโ€ metaphor is counterproductiveโ€” even the Buddha kept sitting for the rest of his life! He didnโ€™t just enter enlightenment and stay there.

@reto I often compare meditation to a gym workout for the โ€œletting goโ€ circuit in the brain. Cultivating that does, I think, need some accompanying discussion of ethical systems and nurturing of universal lovingkindness. Otherwise you get the pre-Mahayana lofty attitude. You could certainly ground that in mundane concerns over community than a bodhisattva vow, though.

@reto The sudden stuff is Rinzai Zen. Check out Soto Zen for the slow and steady approach.

@reto If you make it explicit that some of the ideas like the Six Realms are metaphors, and pick the sutras and poems to chant, Soto Zen fits those requirements pretty well. Some of the rituals like feeding the hungry ghosts would need to be shelved.

@reto I can see the point to a degree of formalityโ€” a certain amount of structure can be helpful. On a day when oneโ€™s head is full of noise, the ritual may be the thing that helps the most. The mistake is to think that the ritual is what itโ€™s about, rather than that the ritual is the trappings that help get the mind into the right space.

@ShaunBartone Bamboo in the Wind, based in Sunnyvale, led by Val Szymanski. She keeps focused on practice and we manage to never be near the various controversies in American Zen. bamboointhewind.org/

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Naked Buddhism 

Naked Buddhism 

@ShaunBartone @reto Being a buddha isn't about being a god. It's about extinguishing the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion, while still being entirely human. And Zen in particular comes with the Mahayana vow, so even if you do manage to be in nirvana full time (fat chance, even the Buddha sat for the rest of his life), you're obligated to liberate all other beings, too.

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@scribe Even if we killed the entire entertainment industry, weโ€™d still be buying food that has to compete with factory farms, paying rent to landlords or paying mortgages, and scraping by with what little health care we can force the government to make available by regulation.

@scribe And cautions. Ever yank a stinging nettle out of the ground? It's easy because it has a simple root; it relies on only one trick, and gloves defeat that trick.

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@Honeybees Whether we consider the source to be โ€œGodโ€, โ€œfateโ€, โ€œNatureโ€, or โ€œkarmaโ€, there are events we cannot affect, and can merely avoid or prepare for them. Whether we follow divine commandments or human precepts, there are actions we can take, or refrain from, to further liberation from misery. Meditation helps us approach this with clarity.

@Honeybees Zen is about giving up delusions, which would include delusions of agency we never really had, as well as delusions of lack of agency that we actually possess. From the outside, some of that may look like deference or rebellion.

Everything is Beautifully Broken 

Everything is Beautifully Broken 

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