@scribe Even if we killed the entire entertainment industry, we’d still be buying food that has to compete with factory farms, paying rent to landlords or paying mortgages, and scraping by with what little health care we can force the government to make available by regulation.

@scribe And cautions. Ever yank a stinging nettle out of the ground? It's easy because it has a simple root; it relies on only one trick, and gloves defeat that trick.

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@Honeybees Whether we consider the source to be “God”, “fate”, “Nature”, or “karma”, there are events we cannot affect, and can merely avoid or prepare for them. Whether we follow divine commandments or human precepts, there are actions we can take, or refrain from, to further liberation from misery. Meditation helps us approach this with clarity.

@Honeybees Zen is about giving up delusions, which would include delusions of agency we never really had, as well as delusions of lack of agency that we actually possess. From the outside, some of that may look like deference or rebellion.

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@craicem It was never particularly busy. I suspect cultivating nonattachment also helps people cut down on their social media time.

Today’s dharma-burger: a prepackaged single serving of cheddar popcorn, from @LesserEvilSnack. Bonus points for making it clear that they’re referencing the Laughing Buddha on the back, rather than Shakyamuni. Gets to “chuckle” on the facepalm-eyeroll-chuckle scale. lionsroar.com/2015-the-year-in

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@ShaunBartone Relativity has interesting things to say about how time passes under different circumstances, but it’s still singular, and always subjectively linear. Someone else’s experience may not look linear to you, though.

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