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β€œWhen you have even a single thought of looking for a shortcut in Zen, you have already stuck your head in a bowl of glue.” β€” Ta-hui Tsung-kao (1089–1163)

Introduction: I’m a Zen practitioner from Silicon Valley. My primary Mastodon account is @mithriltabby and I talk about dice-and-paper roleplaying games at @mithriltabby.

My favorite Zen writers are Brad Warner (HARDCORE ZEN and more) and James Austin (ZEN AND THE BRAIN and more).

Dharma Realm

Dharma Realm is an open, friendly, diverse Instance that serves the Dharma community, including (but not limited to) all forms of Buddhism, Yoga, Advaita, Hinduism, Tantra, Tao and related spiritualities, and contemporary forms of Dharma philosophy and practice. All we ask is that you bring curiosity, kindness and an open mind. Dharma Realm is hosted on