It's interesting, I started by observing my thoughts and now this lead me to understand that the inner critic which speaks so often essentially makes me reject a part of myself, the part of me that makes "mistakes". To get whole one has to integrate the faults and make them part of one's being.

Whenever I invoke concepts trying to understand something I strenghten the grip of the discriminative thinking. The sages say that discrimination is wrong thinking. Do I now want to nourish the illusion or do I want to get beyond? It is only my own choice.

Once a group of monks came to see the master (Hui-tsang).
The master asked, "Where did it go now?"
One of the monks said, "It is here."
The master asked, "Where is it?"
The monk snapped his fingers once.

Q: What is wrong thinking, and what is right thinking?
A: Thoughts of existence and non-existence are wrong thinking, while no tho. of existence and non-existence are right thinking. Tho. of good and evil are wrong thinking, while no tho. of good and evil are right thinking. Also, tho. of suffering and happiness, birth and death, acceptance and rejection, like and dislike, love and hate, etc., are all wrong thinking, while no tho. of suffering and happiness, etc., are right thinking
Dazhu HuiHai

People act like they would have pretty much figured it out, but the truth is that they suppress most of their problems into the subconscious. The rest is just a show. They suffer but prefer not to look at it, to distract themselves and pretend that all is well.

Now the problem is that spiritual development depends a lot on that we follow our individual "way of the heart". If we neglect the voice of our heart then our spiritual path will be grim, unfulfilling and we will make little process. We usually have a lot of rules and guidelines, but have "neglected the more important matters of the law: justice, mercy and faithfulness" (as Jesus said, one passage also includes the "love of God"). 2/2

Something that is neglected a lot in and other spiritual practices is to use our ability to know what is good and bad for our lives. I've learned this from Carlos Castijellos, a mexican indigenous (Spanish):
The essential question we have to ask ourselves in all aspects of our lives: "Is my heart in it?"
Too much of spirituality is full of drill and people doing things that go against this inner voice.
It is called the "way of the heart". 1/2

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