This is a teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh:
Without the mud there will be no lotus. Love and happiness grow out of the rubbish we encounter every day. Also, without understanding there is no compassion. To be able to have compassion you must understand the suffering of the other person.

... was alone in the car again once more it didn't work again but I was in a position where it rolled back on its own. It was like a demonstration for me to show me what effects it has if you break even the tiniest regulation. People do not believe in this. But the more I experience such things I do.
Now this got me thinking, it's probably also not right to watch while blocking the ads. Either you'd have to pay a subscription, display the ads or stop watching it.

Another thing that was quite impressive, was that a relative parked the car in a place which is not really allowed but nobody checks it she said (to avoid having to pay a fee). I thought it's not good but didn't say anything. Later I went to fetch the car and you wouldn't believe it: the reverse gear didn't work anymore and I couldn't get out of the parking space. I even had to push the car back to get out. When I went to fetch the relatives the gear suddenly worked again. And later when I ...

As I was thinking about this my heart started to open up and I realized that this love is also in me, but that my heart center was totally closed. As I'm beginning to open it again I'm getting better. Mutual love opens the heart center. But when you are isolated and nobody is hugging you the danger is big that it closes if you don't watch over it. 2/2

I have been struggling a lot with the depression that came with the loneliness. But by being mindful of the pain inside it was even possible somehow to be happy at the same time. Yesterday I said: "I need help, please help me" (to the Tao or God or whatever you want to call it). In the night I had a dream. There was a couple and they were hugging, holding each other and I was like part of it. I woke up and realized what I'm lacking is love and that is why I'm so sad all the time. 1/?

My current way to deal with is much inspired by Thich Nath Hanh. First it's very important to keep a positive attitude and not let the loneliness drag you down. Then being aware of the loneliness, not trying to run away from it but to show understanding for it, to accept it. There are many things playing together and it's not at all simple. I get increasingly suspicious of teachers that try to make it "all a blank" like if you can just turn off your mind then it's all fine.

about it, real Buddhists are almost never alone, they are in a monastery with lots of company. we know very well what happens when many people get together and spin lofty ideas: they often get crazy together and even want to convert the outside world to their view.

... not impossible. affirming life despite having nobody to share it. finding life worth to live despite the lack of appreciation etc.

what this experience has also shown me is that all these lofty spiritual ideas are pretty useless. many of these people that claim to be enlightened, if you would put them in to complete isolation for a while, they would probably get humiliated pretty soon and stop acting like they know everything.
at least it has brought me down a lot. when you think ... 3/?

what I'm trying to figure out currently is what we call loneliness really is. right know I think loneliness brings me to a place where I start to lose meaning. I think we derive meaning a lot from relating to others. when this stops, the meaning starts lacking and it causes us to see life as meaningless which creates sadness and depression (and that is what we call "loneliness"). and the solution seems to be to find meaning in life without depending on people, which is hard, but probably... 2/?

so my experiment goes on. it has been tough. it is not easy at all to handle. I kind of got into this situation because I didn't want to meet with the friends I had anymore for various reasons. so it's not even that I'm a victim. I kinda put myself into this vacuum 😜
of course I didn't have an idea that it will be so hard. maybe I wouldn't have severed the ties so easily if I had known. anyway, now it's like that. and I also didn't want to make contact now to escape loneliness. 1/?

I think what we need today is a form of spiritual practice that is free from religious notions. "Sanghas" that are not called like that. When people can discover that they can be happy by just being fully present in the moment it can make a huge difference. Only if we are able to make the masses realize this and practice mindfulness on a large scale we will have a chance to save the world.

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seen elsewheres, made me smile

(a photo of aerial reforestation mechanisms, which are seedlings in biodegradeable...missile bomb things. Text below from a social media site: "BOMB NATURE WITH TREES!! MOTHER NATURE MISSILES!! ATTACK DEFORESTION[sp} WITH THE UTMOSE AGGRESSION!! FUCK YES!!! THIS IS MY AESTHETIC!!!")

Isn't life interesting because it's so full of mysteries? It's tough to be alive, yet that is what makes it so special. It's hard to find the truth, yet that is what makes it beautiful. There are so many things to discover yet. May your day be a day of discoveries, a day of mutual love and understanding, a day of freedom and joy.

since I'm a bit confused about the different schools of there was a book at the swimming pool in a "take one, give one" shelf 😁

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True joy comes from just being there fully, being alive. Yet we seek it outside where true joy cannot be found. Instead of seeking outside just turn to yourself for it can be found where you are right now - if you would only be really there.

"Yeshua says: Blest is he who was before he came into Being. If you become Disciples to me and heed my sayings, these stones shall be made to serve you. For you have five trees in Paradise, which in summer are unmoved and in winter their leaves do not fall—whoever shall know them shall not taste death."
The Gospel of Thomas

The mess outside
is mirroring the mess inside.
Once you start tidying the inside
you will start tidying the outside too.

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