The teaching of Confucius is so strange to me. I can't even listen to the first chapter of the Analects without getting totally bored and somewhat indignant towards the sternness of the guy. It seems like he is the total opposite of Laozi and the principles of the Way. How is it even possible that the Chinese adopted the instructions of such an unforgiving moralist as their main philosophy? And how can they reconcile it with Taoism?

@reto Confucianism can't be reconciled with Taoism at all, and it should never be. Confucianism and Legalism as well were an affront to everything Taoists believed. And when those ideas couldn't kill Taoism, they tried to forcibly integrate them together.

@mirzaba That's how I see it as well. Too bad the Chinese didn't have the guts to kill Confucianism right away when it appeared 😄

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