Reading the Practice Group Manual from they always write "Compassionate Listening™"

Seriously? You make a trademark out of "compassionate listening" as if it would be a brand or something? This is so wrong. 🤷‍♂️ 🙁


I've seen a glut of practices becoming branded over the years.

Re-inventing the wheel.

For my sins, I teach #Yoga Nidra nd Breathwork once a week at Yoga Centre.

This too is like an industry. It's a business in the end. "Bodies on mats" to pay the lease and the instructors.

@voidspace I don't have anything against costs. The issue for me is the attitude. If it is done in the right spirit, money is not the isse. I believe that money is not an issue when one follows the Way. @ShaunBartone

@reto @ShaunBartone

Yes, it's more the attitude rather than the cost.

I was probably referring more to the fact that Yoga per se (or rather, the practice of physical asana in groups or classes) has now become a kind of "boutique" kind of enterprise.

@voidspace Yes, I understand.
Some teachers are good but many are not so good, no matter what label they give themselves, may it be etc. The label does not mean something is good. It might just mean that they want to sell you something.


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