Sometimes people are hit by for a reason. It is to make them think about their life and "wake up". But they may be ignoring the message because they do not want to confront the meaning of life and they want to remain in their ignorance. Should you try to help such a person? Not unless that person is ready to open up. As long as only the depression is bugging them it is not time. I had to learn this the hard way now.


Interestingly a common view people that don't want to change or confront themselves seem to have, is the idea that there is no free will. Kind of like to excuse their unwillingness to change.

I have trouble integrating "free will" with "rational thought". If we decide things based on reasons, then our will is based on our input and our experience. I'm not sure what "freedom" is left after that. Maybe it's a matter of definition, rather than objective proof...

However, accepting you have some sort of "power" is probably what most people would identify as having "free will". The hard part is knowing what power you have, what it can influence, how much, and how to wield it.

It's easier* to stay depressed than to work all that shit out.

* as in, individual brains, trapped in a corner, find it difficult to get a systemic overview of a situation. We're not given the attitude or tools to escape depression, so read "easier" as "natural", in a tao way.

@scribe Yeah I know what you mean. "Easier" to just carry on trying to look away and get distracted.

@scribe yeah, that's what I mean, it's this "I can't help it attitude" which some people express in having no free will or that everything would be predestined. All of these concepts are somehow flawed but what I noticed is that people that are stuck in depression, bad habits or addiction oppose the idea of free will a lot. Isn't this kind of symptomatic?

@reto What, in this context, is "free will"?

If the mind is what the brain does -- an assumption, perhaps, but, I think, a strongly-founded one -- then anything we call "free will" has to start from the understanding that we're bound by our physical underpinnings and that our capacity to think is limited to what our brains are capable of thinking about.

@orrery It's merely the (assumed) possibility I have for example to answer you or to let it be. But if we start to conceptualize we're not getting any further, as a Zen master of old said:

"The more you talk and think about it the further you wander from the truth. So cease attachment to talking and thinking, and there is nothing you will not be able to know."


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