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General Tso's Tofuuuuuuuuuuu!

Just read your post on Playing as Practice - have you come across the Teapot Monk yet? A tai chi teacher online, but very much follows and encourages that principle. I think you'd like him.

Particularly painful politics 

I try not to post politics here, but the latest US/UK/Iran cable leaks remind me why single figures leading the power of entire states is why we need to seek alternative power structures.

Hi, world. What are you looking forward to today?

Anyone here have any experience of openly sharing regular mindfulness practice notes? Thinking it could be a useful group exercise.

Hmmm, not a lot of sun over the next week. Going to have to start paring back my battery usage, I think. Or visit a tanning parlour?

From :

Classifying things tentatively

Usually we take our experience and try to β€œnail it down” into classification, names, categories. As soon as we see a tree, we place it in the category β€œtree.” That category then replaces our primary experience of the unique tree before us. We cease to really SEE the actual tree.

It is Friday! A day like every other day, except with our own work ethic rituals! The sun goes round again! Tomorrow, the same but with a different name!

It is a lot easier if you consider the history of humanity as an ongoing attempt to bring a conscious definition to what we feel subconsciously.

so many dead ants
was it the threat of a trap?
I planted beetroot

clearing bindweed -
the water from the hosepipe
seeps into my gloves

True joy comes from just being there fully, being alive. Yet we seek it outside where true joy cannot be found. Instead of seeking outside just turn to yourself for it can be found where you are right now - if you would only be really there.

In-breath: gather yourself to a single point inside your body.
Out-breath: skin merges with the air.

Semi-permeable membrane.

12 hours later and last 2 stops. Past the old invisible village. Along the old ancestral river path. Past caravans and rabbits and wild apple trees and silhouettes of soldiers.

Nearly home.

Hello, world. Today I have 8 hours on trains, to go across the country for a 3 hour driving awareness course. πŸ™„

It's a bit of a faff, but I'm secretly massively appreciating the flexibility and support available in my life so I can get there. And also I love going on trains.

Wave if you see me go by...

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