From taoism and gardening I've learnt that everything we see comes from somewhere else. To change anything, we need to go deeper and deeper - into root systems, subconsciousnesses. Forks, meditation and empathy are all tools to do this same, basic job.

Is the wind I hear in my ears the same as the wind I feel on my face?

The 20th century distilled the act of liking/disliking into an art, a way of life. Remember that it's still only a myth.

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Smile, breathe and go slowly. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Good Morning all Sunday citizens. The pond is low but the panels are go. Should be able to try out charging my laptop this week, if the forecast is accurate.

This I'm trying to do these days:

- Enjoy whatever I'm doing, instead of thinking about how to post it to social media
- Ask questions and be curious, instead of jumping in with opinions

Both are tricky habits to break, but got to start somewhere. Change takes years.

Is the biggest shift we need to make against capitalism just making our own entertainment again?

Sing songs, play instruments, invent ciphers, freeform stories.

Avoid just more of the same consumption, over and over.

Good day with son2 in the garden. Replaced the mower blade, planted the veggies we bought at the weekend, chucked out some cockchafer grubs*, used old bamboo toothbrushes as plant labels.

Seem to have ants _everywhere_ though.

* Actual name. And what are you supposed to do with grubs you don't want?

Theory: Weeds are just the most resilient and entropic plants, everything we desire and rely on is 'information', outlier plants. Weeds are the real inspiration for sustainability.

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Happy Sunday to you, whatever labels you identify with. You are you and you're part of the world and its energy, and that's 'mazin'.

Attempting to split my news reading (RSS, saved links only) out - have picked up an old Nexus 7 on ebay, fortunately with LineageOS already installed. Going to try dedicating it to tt-rss and wallabag clients, and attempt to run it off solar as well.

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