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Wisdom of the Unknown Show more

If I stop still for 5 minutes, I can really feel that other sense of reality, feel down below my stomach. It reminds me that the thoughtspace of peoplekind is all just a made up play. It's cute and adorable.

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Once again, I’m back to the notion that awakening is not about figuring out the right meaning of dharma, or the right meditative state of mind. There are no right answers, or even right questions. There’s just what lies beyond the known, the unknown. Enlightenment is a lot of ‘nothing’. Every once in a while, you get flashes of insight (poof!) and then it’s a lot of nothing for a long time. You get used to the nothingness of it.

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A poem on race & the experience of a black woman Show more

Good walk. I found expected and unexpected ghosts.

Some kind of plan, involving historic villages, old lenses, and tiny spirits.

Going to try to escape into the real world today.

Day off, but getting woken up at 5.30am not a great start. Maybe it's a day to exist in a dream bubble, wander where the feet go, see what the camera sees.

A mind as light as a feather is too heavy.
A soul as light as a bubble can do anything.

I always wanted to publish a taoist self-help book that was just 32 pages of blankness.

It's a shame you can't buy a book that resists being read. "You're on your own, you idiot."

Real help in that area - getting away from judgement - isn't a definition you can buy from others, that you can 'inherit'. As soon as someone else is telling you how to make things better, you're not self-helping in either way.

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