First proper day of sun in ages - filling up my battery boots as much as I can. Great that the panels and battery levels are lasting through they grey cloud seasons this year though.

Interested in alternative tech companies? @Fairphone are gearing up to announce their next big step, and worth a subscribe:

religion ✝️ 

Morning all. Feeling the pain of the world a bit this morning, all the little things that everyone puts up with. Must have slept too well.

Life is harsh, that's OK, stay relaxed, smile and laugh.

There are a few highlgy-valuable pockets still, but it's surprising how little the internet contributes to my persona now.

I remember when discovering fresh forums filled with radical ideas would change me forever.

Now, it's books, it's all about the books again.

The beauty of growing up.

Rediscovering my gunpowder green tea, and remembering that the conversation about milk isn't always as vital as it feels like it is.

Wow, wind power is doing sterling work for the UK grid today, but you can really see the variability in its supply here:

I dunno, I think more places of worship should have fairground attractions.

Shinto hook-a-duck maybe?

GreenFediverse #followfriday

Extinction Rebellion accounts (no bots):
@XRBerlin, @xrpaca, @xrfrance & @XR_Mannheim
are already here ! βœŠπŸ’š

Also new at the #fediverse: @hambibleibt - defenders of the german hambacher forest! πŸ’šπŸŒ³πŸŒ±βœŠ

🌏 Daily curated scientific sources about #ClimateChange by @tuxom

#extinctionrebellion #fridaysforfuture #greenfediverse

Do you know any other XR groups? Let us know!

Finally got round to replacing the battery in my iPod. Charging it up for the first time since c. 2011. It appears the CF card with the Rockbox installation still functions. Going to let the battery fully charge before I try listening to it.

I wonder what music I’ve forgotten I listened to. :flan_headphones:

Butterfly convenience.
These leaves shudder as the sunshine
converges in lines.

Thinking about Amazon and Uber and the huge rise of delivery-as-a-service. Is that the obvious profit area when hyperconsumerism is the norm? What does that say about our own attachment to sourcing, scarcity, and simple/restrictive living?

I was distracted
by the sound of oak leaves
scratching on the roof

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