Interesting chat about Extinction Rebellion and changing the world with some of friends yesterday. I'm not unsympathetic to the movement, but I tried to stop seeing the world in terms of 'negative criticism' a long time ago. I made the switch to try to build better things and alternatives, not just complaining.

Knowing how to build something is difficult, and takes years of trial and error. But it's good, long term experience that any sustainable future will need to understand. Creativity is hard. Maintenance and defence is hard. All the passion and laws in the land won't change how hard it is to actively build a future.

Ironically, running a small company, effectively to make money, has taught me a lot more about running a sustainable community under intense pressure than any other organisation.


One of the more interesting, overlooked aspects of sustainable feedback-based complex systems is that they require a flow of input and output + waste. Companies need money to come in, and produce... Profit, deliverables, careers. I wonder if all orgs should identify their intake/output, to succeed.

Let's say I set up a network node (XMPP, matrix, fediverse, mailing list, etc) for a group of people interested in a topic. What fuels that network? What does it produce?

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